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Grado, the Island of Sun… half Habsburg and half European.

A history almost two thousand years long… spanning the Roman Empire, Attila, the Patriarchate, Austria with Franz Joseph, the first hotels, the beach of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Healing Sands and modern-day Italy.

There is enough to write a book …

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Grado 130

On 25 June 1892 Emperor Franz Joseph declared Grado a ‘tourist resort and health resort’, making it the popular destination it still is. 130 years later, the Island of Sun offers a rich programme of initiatives for visitors and tourists. A six-month-long celebration with events of all kinds: exhibitions, concerts, conferences, guided tours, videomapping shows, show cooking and much more, taking place on the beaches and in the heart of the town, from May to October. Discover all the dates, venues and events of this amazing festival!

For Sports Enthusiasts

Grado Golf Club is surrounded by greenery and lies on the edge of the Lagoon: a magical place, with trails crossing the lakes and unique nature.

Grado Tennis Club offers courses for adults and children throughout the year; it also makes its courts available for groups and coordinates the organisation of the 20-year-old International Women’s Tennis Tournament held every year in May; it also offers competitive and non-competitive internships.

Kite Life in

Experience the thrill of flying over the water blown by the wind and protected from the waves!

Grado is one of the very few spots where learning kitesurfing is a piece of cake, as waves and currents do not exist and, thanks to the shallow sandy seabed and constant spring winds, you will have fun and stay safe while learning how to practice this amazing sport at Kite Life Grado, specialising in teaching kitesurfing to children.